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This is the sign by the Pacific Coast Highway 1 to look for to get to the Big Sur Lodge and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Campground, you can see it from the highway but there are many redwood trees; click for a larger Big Sur Lodge and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park PCH 1 sign.
look for this road sign

California Poppy Beautiful Cell Phone Wallpaper: Free cell phone wallpaper of bright orange cheery California poppies, a gorgeous poppy wildflowers with Big Sur California in the background; click for California poppy wildflower cell phone wallpaper 128x160.
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Big Sur Lodge Main Building Photo: Beautiful photograph of historic old Big Sur Lodge Lobby Building taken along the highway on this scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Drive Photo Tour; click for the larger free gorgeous Big Sur California photo image.
Click to enlarge this picture Big Sur Lodge Main Building from the Big Sur PCH 1 photo tour

Photo Information: The Big Sur Lodge and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park share the same turn off the highway; if you are going slowand looking for it you will see this historic old Big Sur Lodge Lobby Building, here’s where you can register, rent rooms and cabins etc; also this is where the gift shop and coffee bar are located, stop in and look around.

As this stretch of highway 1 takes you the coast then through the Redwood Forests of the Big Sur River Valley you come upon a number of clusters of little business areas all within a few miles of each other. They are all wonderful in their own ways and vary slightly but the one thing they have in common is they are there for you and have been for many years to do their best to serve the Pacific Coast Highway traveler and they generally do that well. Each is like a mini-resort or private campground offering a smorgasbord of traveler/vacationer facilities and services. If you stop and where you stop and what you do can depend on many things. What time of year it is, what are your needs and desires and what your budget i$.

Ideas and help in planning a road trip...Resorts, Motels, Campgrounds, Restaurants,
Tourist Attractions & Activities, Big Sur Traveler Points of Interest,
Perfect Vacation Photograph Tips and Opportunity Spots, Big Sur Pacific Scenic Vista Points, more…

If you are looking for a place to stay this website has a guide to all the Big Sur Hotel Lodgings, personally I prefer the Big Sur Campgrounds. If you are planning on being hungry during your trip there is a Guide to All the Big Sur Restaurants but I must say my favorite Big Sir Restaurant for breakfast is Ragged Point Inn Restaurant and for lunch or dinner it is Nepenthe.

The Big Sur Valley Businesses fall along the highway in this order:

Beautify your computers desktop with this widescreen wallpaper looking up into the Big Sur Redwood forest; free computer desktop widescreen wallpaper of looking up into the Big Sur Redwood forest; click for Big Sur Redwood Forest wallpaper 1000x600 widescreen.
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Google Map Big Sur
Activities Points of Interest
Custom Big Sur California Area Google Map: Locate area visitor points of interest and nearby tourist activities with this map:  information on all campgrounds, day-use picnic areas beaches, hiking trails, tourist attractions and visitor activities near Big Sur campgrounds.

Click for link to hc aerial photographs of this section of the Pacific California Coast.
USGS Satellite Photos Map display by Microsoft

This Big Sur road trip vacation location, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park & the Big Sur Lodge, offers the following visitor activities, tourist services, traveler facilities and sightseer qualities:

- Gift and Souvenir Shop -- Big Sur Lodge Gift Shop
- Convenience Stores * Travel & Camping Supplies * Groceries - Big Sur Lodge Grocery Store
- Overnight Lodging * Cabins * Tent Cabins * Campground - Big Sur Lodge (cabins) -- Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and campground
- Public Restrooms
- Public Pay Telephone Locations
- Restaurants * Espresso Bar * Best Picnic Spots -- The Big Sur Lodge and Espresso House (831-667-3100 / Toll Free 1-800-424-4787) - Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park nice day-use picnic areas in the Redwoods
- Scenic Vistas & Photo Opportunities * Hiking Trails -- the redwood forests, Big Sur River and hike Valley View, Pfeiffer Falls
- Fishing, Swimming and Inner-Tubing the Big Sur River

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Summary Conclusion: Title: Big Sur Lodge and the Pfeiffer Big Sur California State Park: the photo features the hhistoric old Big Sur Lodge Lobby Building, here’s where you can register, rent rooms and cabins etc; also this is where the gift shop and coffee bar are located, stop in and look around. Description: Big Sur Lodge along the highway on the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway Drive Photo Tour mile 63: vacation pictures taken along PCH 1 and information about the traveler services, facilities and tourist activities at Big Sur Lodge and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park; additionally there is also travel gear, vacation apparel and stuff for purchase for your vacation and travel needs from ads on this Big Sur California PCH 1 drive Big Sur Lodge and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park tour page also. Categories: big sur lodge, resorts inns motels hotels near big sur, pfeiffer big sur state park, california state parks, rental, cabins, historic, pioneers, pfeiffer, camping, campgrounds, hiking, trails, big sur river, redwood, forest, trail head, getaways, redwood forest, big sur, california, ca, calif, pacific california coast,pacific coast highway 1 ,pch 1, vacation, travel, traveler, tourist, activities, points of interest,things to do near big sur, things to do along the pacific coast highway, things to see, see, vista points, vistas, views, places to eat, eat, restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, lodging, lodgings, inns, lodges, location, locations, photos, photographs, backgrounds, wallpapers free, picture, pictures, image, images Tags: big sur lodge resorts inns motels hotels near big sur pfeiffer state park california state parks rental cabins historic pioneers camping campgrounds hiking trails big sur river redwood forest trail head getaways redwood forest big sur california ca calif coast pacific coast highway 1 one pch 1 vacation travel traveler tourist activities points of interest things to do see vista points places eat restaurants hotels motels resorts location locations photos photographs backgrounds wallpapers free picture pictures image images

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